The books
Greg Brooks

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Phonics and Structure

A Manual for Teaching the Rules and Structures of English

(Reading and Spelling)

Word wasp

The word wasp
The Word Wasp

The Word Wasp teaches rules and structure using a colour coded system: Suitable for both adults and children from the  age of 7 . It starts by introducing the basic sounds of English and then progresses slowly through the language, adding the various elements, from the sounds to the latinised suffixes: from lock to loquacious. Those students who finish this text will have their spelling and reading ages advanced dramatically.


The hornet cover
Hornet Literacy Primer

The Hornet is a literacy primer designed to give basic literacy skills to anyone who needs to learn them: Suitable for children from the age of 5 and older students with severe literacy problems. It is the ideal ‘kick start’ to literacy.  Like its companion text (The Word Wasp) the Hornet was developed with both dyslexic adults and children. It is, therefore, free from any kind of language or graphics which could be deemed as patronising. 

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