Toe by toe
Word Wasp and Hornet have been evaluated by Professor Greg Brooks and are featured in the recent edition of ‘What Works’ for children and young people with literacy difficulties.

Welcome to
The Word Wasp
and Hornet Literacy Primer

Easy to use, step-by-step, colour-coded,
instructions throughout the books.

It couldn’t be more simple: A student needs a Wasp or Hornet,
an exercise book, and a pencil. A coach needs scrap paper, a pencil and a
little patience. The programme can be used daily or weekly.




who we help

We help anyone with reading and spelling problems, anyone who
has been diagnosed as dyslexic or needing to learn English as a second language.
We help schools needing a literacy intervention programme which
can be delivered one-to-one by learning support staff, parents or volunteers.
Our books are used by schools, private literacy tutors, parental home
educators etc.

adults or children

with reading and spelling problems
including those diagnosed with dyslexia


with auditory discrimination /
speech problems


who are anxious to give
their children a head start

adults or children

with short-term memory problems /
autism/ADHD etc.

adults or children

needing to learn English
as a second language


needing a literacy
intervention programme

the books

The Wasp and Hornet were developed to meet the needs of students with moderate to severe reading and spelling problems, including dyslexia. The reading and spelling skills that they deliver are not based on memory but based on the language itself.

Who is it for?

word wasp

Anyone from 7 years to adult

Hornet Literacy Primer

5 years + or anyone with severe
reading and spelling problems including adults

for parents

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for teachers

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"Can't rate this more highly. My child is profoundly dyslexic and this system has
bought him on over a year in ability in less than 4 months"

Parent / Coach

"The Hornet / Word Wasp is the finest special
needs resource that this school has ever used!"

Phil Jackson: Senco