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British School in Tokyo

"I think that the Word Wasp is the most important development in Special Needs teaching resources since Toe by Toe. I have been teaching for 24 years in both special schools and as a mainstream SENCO in British Military and International schools and I can say that the manner in which this resource identifies difficulties and raises pupil's self esteem is truly remarkable. I am seeing consistent improvements in my most challenged English and Japanese pupils who are following this remarkable little book. I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending The WORD WASP without reservation to every busy SENCO, worried parent and frustrated child. This is a fantastic SEN resource."

The Purbeck School, Wareham, Dorset

' It has filled a niche in the market and has proved very successful with our students, indeed it has had dramatic results in raising their spelling ages.....Students like Word Wasp's:

  • Individualised nature
  • structured approach
  • fast track from sounds/easy words to harder words
  • repetition/reinforcement
  • built in success

Staff like Word Wasp as it is:

  • easy to use
  • can be used by teacher, LSA, parent in any combination
  • a calming routine
  • easy to show progress (when used alongside standard spelling test)
  • It is a great frustration buster and confidence builder to those older students'

Ilford Ursuline High School, Essex

'It builds confidence and encourages the girls to believe in themselves. Previously these students considered themselves poor spellers and incapable of ever learning how to spell. Now thanks to ''Word Wasps" they are thinking positively and making rapid progress. I have sent the girls home with the programme during holiday periods and parents have commented that their daughters enjoy the programme and also of the improvement in their daughter's confidence and self-esteem.'

Blackfyne Community School, Consett, Co. Durham

'I want to tell you how brilliant your spelling programme is!
We have used it for the last two years with 30 pupils. Some started with reading ages of 6 years. All of them have made rapid progress, but most of all, the programme has raised their self-esteem and their level of independence. Their spelling ages have gone up loads!!'

Mrs. Prideaux, Leeds

This has improved his speech and confidence dramatically.......
Both Matthew and I both feel much more confident, and Matthew even enjoys learning, as he can also see himself progressing. I can now hold hope that in the future Matthew will be able to stand along side his peers because of help from Word Wasp.'

Mrs. D.Robinson, Leeds

'I would like to thank-you for the help and encouragement you have given my son......At the age of 50, his spelling was very laborious and slow. In the eight months since he got the W.A.S.P.book he has learnt more than in the eleven years he was at school. As his spelling improved, so did his reading and writing. He now has more confidence. Its a pity there wasn't such a book, as yours, when my son was at school forty-five years ago.'


Quotes from Amazon customers:

5.0 out of 5 stars

The Word Wasp 9th September 2012


By ML Middleton 

A fantastic resource for helping children with reading and spelling. I work as a SEN TA and would recommend this reading and spelling scheme for supporting all children, not just those with SEN.

I have also used this personally with my own son who has SEN and this has helped with his understanding and also boosted his confidence.

It is very user friendly and doesn't require any special training. The 'Instructions for Coaches' are very straightforward.

 you don't have to be a genius to use it.  It taught me as I used it, it comes with instructions and it really does work!

5 out of 5 stars

The Word Wasp Feb 2012

This book is a life changing opportunity for anyone of any age!

By Mkeeno

I am a Deputy Head teacher in a very challenging school for pupils with Social, Emotional and Behavioural difficulties.  I also teach English in the school; although I am not an English Specialist.  Many of our pupils have either untestable or reading ages that are significantly (in some cases 50%) lower than their chronolgical age. This text is a means to tackle the issues of literacy on 1 -1 basis.  The beauty of this approach is that even the pupils who cannot read, can access it and make progress.

The 'Instruction for coaches' are really staightforward and easy to follow.  We as a school will be investing in this product because it works; the authors Harry and his wife Marie have a real passion for improving phonological development and the benefits of that development.

You do not need to be an expert on phonics to use this approach; but by the time you have completed this book, either as a coach, pupil or adult learner, you will feel like an expert on phonics!

5 out of 5 stars

The Word Wasp 12 Dec 2011

Worth its weight in gold

By Matthew

The Word Wasp is a fantastic book. My son is 8 and has struggled with reading and writing since starting school. This book has helped us turn the corner. It is not an easy option and requires time, patience and hard work but it has got my son enthusiastically writing shopping lists for his mother and settling down on the sofa looking at books out of choice for the first time. It has also helped me to improve my spelling. A great book.

5.0 out of 5 stars

The Word Wasp 18 Dec 2011

The most worthwhile thing I've ever done

By Pete

At the age of seven, my daughter was rated in the bottom one per cent of children her age in terms of visual sequencing ability. Needless to say, this impacted her ability to read and spell considerably. Two and a half years later, having completed Toe by Toe and The Word Wasp (both recommended by her Educational Psychologist), she has just attained 100% (score 141) in her school. Verbal Reasoning NFER test. This is entirely down to her commitment to complete this wonderful program. The books are seriously hard graft, requiring 10-20 minutes work a day for an extensive period of time (at least two years for both books combined), but the results have been so amazing that I have been moved to tears. Over this time, the author has provided help and encouragement when contacted. Eschew any books falsely promising quick fixes (e.g. through whole word visualisation) and go do it. You won't regret it.

5 out of 5 stars

The Word Wasp 21 June 2009

By E. Watts ( Leeds, England)

I work as a teaching assistant / literacy coach and I think it is the best 'one to one' scheme for teaching reading and spelling rules that I have ever encountered.  I have used the Word Wasp personally and it is also used at my son's school.  Even if your child does not have reading or spelling problems the Word Wasp will give them a fantastic head start.  Every parent and every child should have one. The new edition is great too, much more user friendly and even better still

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