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Hornet Questions

Who is it for?

Any student, adult or child, with severe literacy problems.  Students who have been diagnosed as dyslexic.  Any parent who would like to give their child a head start  to reach the early Key Stages without anxiety.

Primary Schools

In recognition that primary schools are reluctant to buy other texts which their students might not complete before moving on to high school; the Hornet allows for earlier intervention at a more basic level and at a much lower price.

What is it for?

Like its parent text, The Word Wasp, the Hornet teaches the rules and structures of English but it starts at a lower and slower primary level.  Auditory discrimination plays a key role in the early exercises.

At which age group is the Hornet aimed?

The Hornet is not aimed at any particular age group.  The Hornet recognizes that the problems which lie at the root of poor literacy skills are the same for five and seventy year old students alike.  It is the perfect text for dealing with the early Key Stages.  It is both coach and student friendly.

Adults with severe literacy problems

The Hornet was developed, like its companion text, The Word Wasp, with both dyslexic adults and children.  It is therefore, free from any kind of language or graphics which could be deemed as patronising.

Does the Hornet use synthetic phonics?

Synthetic phonics and low frequency words play an integral role in the exercise structure.

How is it used?

The Hornet is a one-to-one text containing colour-coded instructions, advice and exercises.

Do coaches require specialist training?

No:  The Hornet has been developed with learning support assistants, housewives and students.  Like the other texts written by the Authors, the Hornet was written for the kitchen table.

My students have strong regional accents.  Are they able to use the Hornet?

Yes:  Students from Glasgow, Essex, Liverpool, Birmingham, Australia, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Malaysia, all have strong regional or national accents; all use the texts successfully.


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