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This site is aimed at:

Word WaspAdults or children
with reading and spelling problems

Word WaspAdults or children
who have been diagnosed as dyslexic

Word WaspAnyone
with auditory discrimination problems

Word WaspAdults or children
needing to learn English as a second language

Word WaspParents
who are anxious to give their children a
head start

Word Wasp Schools
needing a literacy intervention programme which can be delivered one-to-one by learning support staff, parents or volunteers

Word WaspPrivate literacy tutors

Word WaspParental home educators

Recommended Age Range

Which book?  If unsure see 'Test for Suitability' in Downloads

Word WaspWord Wasp
from 7 years upward

Word WaspHornet
from 5 years upward or anyone with severe reading and spelling problems

Word WaspRequirements
It couldn't be more simple:  A student needs a Wasp or Hornet, an exercise book, and a pencil.  A coach needs scrap paper, a pencil and a little patience.  The programme can be used daily or weekly.

Easy to use, step-by-step, colour-coded, instructions throughout the books

The Wasp and Hornet were developed to meet the needs of students with moderate to severe reading and spelling problems.  The reading and spelling skills that they deliver are not based on memory but based on the language itself.  Children should not lose out!  Teaching reading and spelling skills will enhance the life chances of your students.  The WASP and HORNET are easy to use which makes them extremely successful: the incentive to learn more is produced as students complete the exercises.  The structure of both books is built on the successful acquisition of one set of skills before they can progress to the next set of skills.  In other words: students are never confronted by work that they are unable to attempt!

The Word Wasp Books

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